The gift of organ, eye and tissue donation truly saves and enhances lives. There are thousands of people right here in WNY whose lives have been forever changed because someone said YES to donation. If you are one of those people, we want to hear your story. It is important for the community and for all of those people still waiting that we share your inspiring journey, in the hopes that one day they will have a story of survival to share as well.

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Macy, 8 year old intestines recipient
“Organ donation saved my daughter’s life.” Macy’s mom, Tiffany.


Tim Day, heart recipient
“In May of 2015, I accepted the greatest gift I've ever received - a new heart. I accepted it without knowing the donor's gender, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, political affiliations, education level, economic background, favorite color, whether s/he liked pizza, etc. Since then I've learned that my donor was a male, his father still mourns his death and that the donor himself made the gift with the same blind faith with which I accepted it. I'm thankful each and every day for this gift as well as the several blood donations I have received. I'm also thankful for all for the support, love and comfort that has been given continuously to me and my family along the way.”

Amy Nash, 2 time kidney recipient
“I am living my life to help others, as a small way of repaying those who gave life to me.”


Jack O’Donnell, liver recipient
“The fact that I am alive today is nothing short of miraculous. I am and will forever be grateful to the people who made my transplant possible.”

Miguel Santos, cornea recipient
“Having a transplant changed my life, and I’m highly appreciative of the family that donated. I hope I do justice to the person that donated their cornea, for I try now to do good as a result.”

Lea Sobierski, liver recipient
“Being an organ donor is such a selfless act. It means so much to me and my family, my friends and people important in my life. It’s not just me that they affected. There were so many more people.”


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