Check Yes Campaign

In 2016 Unyts introduced our Check Yes campaign to WNY through the stories of Warren, Leah, Livvie and Steve. These stories were told in familiar, lighthearted scenarios, presented matter-of-factly and comfortably. We heard details about their lives, interests, families, and about three-fourths of the way in, we got the curveball: “… and I’m going to die without a new [organ, blood].” Showing its subjects in their comfort zones, the Check Yes campaign presented individuals whom the viewer could relate to in everyday life- a father, mother, daughter, and friend. Check Yes put the donation crisis into context, with faces and names at the forefront instead of statistics. 

Where Are They Now?

Warren continues to wait for a heart transplant. He has been living with Congestive Heart Failure for over 12 years and has been on the National Waiting List since October 2014. He stays active both mentally and physically by attending Cardiac Rehabilitation 2-3 times a week in preparation for his transplant. 

Leah received a kidney transplant in November 2016 at ECMC!

Livvie started kindergarten in September and celebrated her one year anniversary of completing chemotherapy in November. She is still in remission and God willing will stay that way for the rest of her life.

We are saddened to share that Steve Evans passed away last May. Steve was kind enough to share his time and personal story with us. To encourage others to join the Donate Life registry, Steve talked about what it was like to wait for a kidney transplant and to have dialysis treatments three times a week. Steve, his wife and their son visited Unyts and he talked to many of our staff about his experience. “I’m blessed,” he said of his life with his wonderful wife and awesome little boy. We at Unyts were so glad for the chance to know Steve and to work with him. He is truly missed.

Phase 2
Unyts is excited to announce that we have completed Phase 2 of our Check Yes campaign. We have 4 new stories that will be shared through video, print ads and on social media to encourage the unregistered to sign up as organ, eye and tissue donors and to move those who have never given before to donate blood. The stories of Nina, Naliah, Melissa and Jeff are sure to have an impact, just as our first round of stories did in 2016. Look out for these on WGRZ Channel 2 and during all Buffalo Sabres broadcasts. It is our hope that these WNYers will drive the community to visit and Check Yes to make a difference in someone’s life.